The Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition and Co-Located Events will take place again on the of DATE TBC. This event will serve as a national forum for manufacturers and operators involved throughout the associated supply chains from across the UK to gather to discuss pressing issues facing the industry. It is now firmly established as a ‘must-attend’ annual event, which successfully connects key stakeholders across the full spectrum of British manufacturing, including aerospace, automotive, chemical & pharmaceutical, construction, defence, electronics, energy, food & drink, nuclear, plastics, security, steel, space and textiles.

In addition to Brexit and the global trading environment, other issues high on the agenda at the event include the challenges and opportunities provided by constantly changing customer demands, the rapid pace of technological advances in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, along with heightening environmental concerns and intensifying competition both domestically and in international markets.

We have assembled an impressive line-up of manufacturing leaders, academics and government agencies who will engage in a stimulating blend of key note addresses and debates. The event will also feature an extensive exhibition showcasing the latest technological solutions and business services.

The disruptive changes generated by the unfolding fourth Industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) will also be examined by many keynote speakers as well as both the resulting challenges and opportunities for British industry.

The event will cover various topical themes including: Industry 4.0, Digital Manufacturing, Smart Factory, Lean & Continuous Improvement, Robotics & Automation, Financing Investment, Industrial Blockchain, Research & Development, Precision Engineering, QEHS, Supply Chain & Logistics, Sustainability, Government Policy and Industrial Strategy, Exports and Skills & Training.


 – New approaches and technology have been introduced in recent years that have created significant organisational and process improvements. The aim of the conference is to showcase such innovative approaches and to disseminate the cutting-edge research that underpins them. The conference will be of interest to senior management, established practicing engineers and researchers together with those that are much earlier in their careers.

Lean & Continuous Improvement

 – Hosted by Manufacturing Excellence, the days speakers will focus on the elimination of wasteful elements in all aspects of the manufacturing process. This conference will be invaluable to delegates wanting to streamline their operations.

Industry 4.0

– Industry expert speakers will focus on the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes Cyber-Physical Systems, The Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Cognitive Computing. Industry 4.0 is commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. Our speakers will discuss the advances in this sector as well as what we can likely expect to see in the next few years as technology progresses.

Robotics and Automation

 – Robotic process automation is an emerging form of business process automation technology but is undoubtedly going to form an integral part of the “Future Factory”. The exhibition will offer delegates the chance to discover how the latest Robotics, Automation and Future Technologies can improve efficiency, reduce costs and give them a competitive advantage.

3D & Composites

– The manufacturing processes of composite materials are numerous and often complex. Continuous research into the subject area has made it hugely relevant, with new advances enriching our understanding and helping us overcome design and manufacturing challenges. Our speakers will provide comprehensive coverage of all processing techniques in the field with a strong emphasis on recent advances in Modelling and Simulation of the design process.

Supply Chain & Logistics

 – Supply Chain & Logistical management is one of the most important aspects of most manufacturing businesses today. Understanding why and effectively managing your approach to the distribution of goods, through manufacturers and eventually down to end users is vital. Supply chain management affects manufacturing companies in a variety of ways, including the availability of inputs needed for production processes, costs and profitability of manufactured items, company infrastructure and ways in which companies interact with their suppliers and customers. Our expert speakers along with the broad range of technologies on offer from our exhibitors will provide solutions to the needs of your business.


 – This gathering of over 1,000 Quality, Environmental, Energy and Health & Safety professionals from the UK’s largest companies offers an opportunity to keep up-to-date with the latest industry innovations, best practice and new technology solutions in the sector, as well keeping abreast of the latest in the world of ISO management systems and standards. It is a great way to gain industry insights to help your business plan ahead and share good practice and learn from the experience of others.

Research & Development

 – Manufacturing flexibility has never been as important for industry as it is today. In a world of interconnected devices and smart factories, the ability of a manufacturer to innovate and adapt to its customers’ requirements is vital. For many manufacturers, the road to innovation starts with R&D. Manufacturing companies must overcome significant obstacles in the research and development arena if they are to maintain a strong market position. By enhancing innovation and speeding time-to-market, organisations can win market share and avoid backups in the manufacturing process.


 – A growing number of companies are treating “sustainability” as an important objective in their strategy and operations to increase growth and global competitiveness. This trend has reached well beyond the small niche of those who traditionally positioned themselves as “green,” and now includes many prominent businesses across many different industry sectors. In many cases, these efforts are having significant results.
There are a number of reasons why companies are pursuing sustainability:
– Increase operational efficiency by reducing costs and waste
– Respond to or reach new customers and increase competitive advantage
– Protect and strengthen brand and reputation and build public trust
– Build long-term business viability and success
– Respond to regulatory constraints and opportunities
Companies engaged in sustainability efforts include those of all sizes, ages and sectors. Companies move forward along the path to sustainability by improving performance and reducing their resource footprint.
Join our speakers and exhibitors to find out how you can create a more sustainable manufacturing process.

High Tech Manufacturing & Precision Engineering

 – thus the development of new and improved high precision processes and machines, has gained much greater prominence in the last decade. Many advanced technology products depend entirely on one or more components being manufactured to tolerances or dimensions in the micro-or even nanotechnology range. This gathering of senior management delegates from the high tech manufacturing and precision engineering sector offers an opportunity for the sector to gather and keep up to date with the latest innovations, best practice and new technology solutions. The High-tech manufacturing is charged with creating the technology that the world has come to depend on. It is rapidly growing and changing, as innovation and new technology drives this industry more than others in the manufacturing sector. It is also the industry that is probably most dependent on global relationships in order to keep the cost of goods low enough for customers to manage. Understanding this industry is important for the consumers of the high-tech and precision engineered products. The High Tech Manufacturing & Precision Engineering Zone will have a dedicated stage catering to this sector, with presentations by industry experts and Universities.