Terms & Conditions

The Premier Publisfing l.t.d. 2018 Terms & Conditions

The Manufacturing & Supply Chain Awards 2018 are organised by Premier Publishing & Events.Premier Publishing Ltd., 51 Park West Enterprise Centre, Nangor Road, Dublin 12.
Each company can a maximum of three categories.
The Awards are open to all companies on the Island of Ireland.
Sponsors may not enter into the category that they are sponsoring for the event.
There can be no pending investigations against your company or product at the time of entry.
All information available throughout the judging process will remain confidential to the judging panel.
All entries for The Manufacturing & Supply Chain Awards 2018 must be submitted online via website and must be done so by the deadline provided. Entries submitted by any other format other than what is outlined on the website, will not be accepted.
Deadline of the submission dates may be extended at the organisers discretion.
Upon submission please ensure to include a Title for your submission. This title will be used to reference your submission when marketing the event.
In the event that a submission is not deemed to be valid, Premier Publishing & Events reserves the right to withdraw the submission without any notice.
Premier Publishing & Events reserve the right to move you to a different category where it is deemed to be more applicable.
By entering The Manufacturing & Supply Chain Awards 2018,if your entry is shortlisted, you are agreeing to attend the event on the night of September 5th. If for any reason you yourself can not attend the event you should send a representative on your behalf.
If you are a winner on the night of the Awards Ceremony, you automatically grant the organiser permission to use any photographs, videos, sound, written or other material in the promotion of the Awards.
A panel of judges who are experts in their field will judge all entries submitted for The Manufacturing & Supply Chain Awards 2018 – see Judges website for process.
The decision of the judges is final and it is strictly prohibited that any correspondence can take place between the judges, organisers and companies who have entered regarding the results.
All entries that have been shortlisted may be required to provide additional information upon request.
All information that is given at the time of entry must be true to word.
To see our Privacy Policy please visit http://techconnect-live.com/privacy-policy/ (note this will be on awards site)
If you have queries or questions and you need to get in contact with us, then you can contact us by email at colin@prempub.ie